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Mosaic photobooth

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The mosaic photobooth will add another level of interactivity to events. Available in digital display and print formats, an event mosaic wall allows guests to participate by using their photos to create a larger picture mosaic in real-time.

Photos can be pulled in from social media channels with the use of specific hashtags, SMS, or be captured on site utilizing our photobooth.  Photos print on stickers and guests place the stickers on the wall matching the corresponding number.

The results – a mural with your branding for you to display created by everyone attending the event.  Close up all of the individual photos are displayed, but further back the actual photo mosaic is revealed creating a very impactful tribute to display following your event.

How it works

Step 1


Guests snap photos as they normally would using the photo booth or by taking pictures themselves and uploading them to a predetermined hashtag on Instagram.

Step 2


A small sticker is printed. 

Guests place that sticker at a specified (row and column) location on the wall.

Step 3

mosaic family with baby.png

Voilà! The final portrait is created using all the previously taken pictures from your guests.

Introductory promotion

Get 50% off the regular price for the mosaic photo booth when you purchase one of our photobooth services for the same event.

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