Choice of backdrops

We offer a very large selection of backdops

Circle Fuchsia.jpg
Circle Fuschia
Circle Peach.jpg
Circle Peach
Circle Peach
Leaf Champagne.jpg
Leaf Peach
Rosette white 1.jpg
Circle Peach
Rosette White
Rosette white 2.jpg
LED light with lace.jpg
Rosette White (close-up)
Circle Peach
LED lights with lace
Damask Design
Damask Black & Grey.jpg
Black & Silver
Damask Black & White.jpg
Circle Peach
Black & White
Damask Gold & red.jpg
Red & Gold

(Mermaid sequin backdrops change color simply by running your hand over it)

Gold Large Sequin.jpg
Gold large sequin
Mermaid Gold & Black 1.jpg
Gold & Black (mermaid)
Mermaid Gold & blue 1.jpg
Gold & Blue (mermaid)
Mermaid Silver  & White 1.jpg
Silver & White (mermaid)
Mermaid Silver  & Black 2.jpg
Silver & Black (mermaid)
Mermaid Gold & White.jpg
Circle Peach
Gold & White (mermaid)
Mermaid Gold & Black 2.jpg
Circle Peach
Gold & Black (mermaid)
Mermaid Gold & blue 2.jpg
Circle Peach
Gold & Blue (mermaid)
Mermaid Silver  & White 2.jpg
Circle Peach
Silver  & White (mermaid)
Mermaid Gold & Silver.jpg
Circle Peach
Silver & Gold (mermaid)
Chevron Gold & White.jpg
Chevron Gold & White
Solid Colours
Black background.jpg
White background.jpg
Chromakey (green screen).jpg
Green (for digital backgrounds)