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Flipbook photobooth

Flip Books are a great and fun way to bring your parties to life. How? We invite guests to make a short video with props and fun signs. They can dance, hold up signs, blow kisses and just be themselves.

In about two minutes, we turn the video into a personalized PHOTO QUALITY flip book. A buzz is created as your guests watch each other and come up with new ideas for the videos

What's included

  • Up to 6 hours of service

  • Set up/tear down

  • 2 staff members on-site the entire time

  • 40-50 flipbooks per hour

  • Choice of backdrop

    • a large selection of backdrops to pick from here

  • Loads of super fun props that aren’t from the dollar store!

  • Equipment includes everything needed: Professional DSLR camera, state-of-the-art printer, professional lighting, backdrop and stand

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