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Fun Inflatable Photobooths

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Party in style to our inflatable LED Photo Booths, to give your next event a blast of fun. This photobooth is perfect for any occasion and comes complete to give your event a very unique look. All of our inflatable photobooths have been custom designed for us, making your photo booth experience truly unique. 

Our inflatable photobooths create unique light effects that add to the ambiance of your event.  Our modern open air photo booth rental includes everything you’ll need to have a great time! Photo booths are a ton of fun and we always find it brings the party to life.

We offer 4 different styles of inflatable photobooths. Price is the same regardless of the model of of the model of inflatable photobooth chosen.

We arrive 1 hour early to begin setup. 

camera inflatable Gonflable.jpg

*shown with optional red carpet, golden stanchions, and large display TV

gonflable-inflatable 10.jpg

*shown with optional red carpet and golden stanchions

u shaped photobooth.jpg
Spiral  inflatable 1.jpg
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